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Coffee is never going away. And neither is Classic Rock Music. Get a sustainable, evergreen business that fits every customer base.

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Do you want to own your own business in the most exciting and fast paced industry in the world?

Classic Rock Coffee Co. and the specialty coffee industry is growing. We now have exciting specialty coffee franchise opportunities in the United States and around the world that stands out from every coffee house you’ve ever seen. If you are considering opening a business, you need to be honest with yourself. Would you rather wake up every day to make sandwiches or pull a yogurt lever, or would you rather be with cool people, listen to amazing music, and free like a rock star on your very own stage (oh … and make money!)


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Application Process

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In The News

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Frequently Asked Questions

Things that you should know

Do You Provide Military Discounts?

We provide a 20% discount on the initial 6 months of royalties for Military Veterans. We do not provide any additional discounts.

Can I put a store outside of the United States?

Yes, we offer International Master Franchise Opportunities as well as single store placements. Let us know what you would like to start with and we’ll help you get there.

Is having a drive-thru important?

Yes. All first time franchisees in the US and Canada are required to have a drive through location. National averages have stated increases in revenue anywhere from 20%-40% for coffee houses that do have a drive through.

How much profit can I expect to make?

Your particular success will be based on a number of variables including location, operating expenses, retail sales mix, sales margins, occupancy costs, financing costs, and other factors.

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