Is Owning a Classic Rock Coffee in Your Future?

The following information is taken from and is used with permission. We know that its permitted, because we wrote it.

Advantages of buying a franchise from a well-established company include:

  1. Reduced Risk of Failure. When a person decides to buy a franchise, they are buying not only a brand, but the processes and systems that help the brand function. Someone once said that they only real value a business has are its systems. Building systems is expensive, risky and requires a very specific kind of skill set. A new coffee house owner can avoid the need to test systems and procedures by utilizing methods that have already had a litmus test.
  2. Brand Awareness Longevity. An area where most new stores fail is in not budgeting enough energy or time for marketing. If people don’t know about you, they will have no way to know they should be drinking your coffee. When you buy into a franchise, there is already a footprint established that you can build upon. Its much easier to start off in fourth gear than it is to climb a hill starting in 1st gear.
  3. Tested Operations. A solid franchise will offer a complete, off the shelf, package that includes a robust operations manual. This will help you know exactly how to run the business, what the schedule of events are from franchise agreement signing to opening day, and every detail necessary for success. A good franchisor will tell the new owner, “If you do exactly what we tell you, you will have the greatest chance of success.” In addition, every coffee house needs to have a complete procedures manual, not only as a reference, but that provides step by step training in how to provide the best products for their customers.
  4. Exclusive vendor relationships. Franchisors carry a lot of leverage with vendors who will be supplying refrigeration, decor, kitchen equipment, signage, menu boards, espresso machines, grinders … and on and on. Because of that leverage they are able to secure discounts for franchisees that would be nearly impossible to secure without that relationship.
  5. Day to day support structures. Know what you want and knowing how to get there are two different things. Support structures for franchise locations come in the form of very detailed “how to’s”, complete manuals, hands on training, and constant access to experts. It’s the different between living on an island and working with a team.
  6. Protected locations. One of the strengths of franchising is being able to secure a geographical location that is protected for you. Once you decide on the strongest brand you can find, you no longer have to worry about someone else from that brand setting up shop next to you. Locations are determined not only by geographical area, but also by population density, so there are many considerations that are in place to ensure your success.
  7. Proprietary Network. Access to other owners like yourself gives deeper perspectives on your business. Its invaluable to have access to the franchisor and the training, but having access to others who are working as your peers is significant. Asking questions, discussing problem situations and sharing wins is healthy and can help your business grown quicker and with less stress.
  8. Your Success as Priority. Isolation is a terrible thing, especially in business. Success in running a coffee house requires bragging customers, great ideas and momentum. Having a franchisor that is constantly strategizing for your success could mean the difference between keeping your doors open or closing down. Can you imagine how expensive it would be to not only run your new store, but to have to hire marketing teams, administrative teams, PR teams, etc? With a franchisor on your site, you have these types of systems built in for you.