Actually, no. We don’t send out coffee. The reason is that one of our USP’s is that we only serve coffee to customers that has been roasted in the last 14 days. There are two parts to that … “we serve it” and “14 days”. People LOVE our coffee because of its taste, and that taste is due to how its roasted and prepared for them. It’s simply not possible to get the same product out of a coffee maker as it is from a $20,000 espresso machine. This may sound crazy, but its just the truth. If we send coffee, yes, you will notice a difference. But we aren’t interested in that. We are interested in seeing people’s faces light up and slightly freak out. THAT is why people come to CRCC. Yes, as customers they DO buy coffee off the shelves, but they do so already having experienced the coffees in the store and realize they can’t replicate the experience at home 100%.