No. Before agreeing to a building we have to first map out our proprietary customer profile on your desired territory to determine where the very best target markets are. Once those are determined (it takes a couple of days), our real estate agency will work with the franchisee to determine the markets they like best, and then proceed to get the inventory of available buildings in those markets.

The agreement with CRCC must be in place before starting the process of determining the target market and location. Once that is finalized, we provide an addendum to the agreement identifying the territory by specific geographic parameters.

As an example, a franchisee may wish to put a store in the north part City ABC. The franchise agreement is signed with CRCC for that area with the territory defined as, “A single location within City ABC to include 50,000 people but not to exceed 100,000 people. The territory will later be defined specific geographic parameters once the Franchisee has chosen a building location.”