No. However, each coffee house must have a full-time operating partner or manager that has been completed at least one week of training at our headquarters. In addition, you must have a head Barista that will work directly with our HQ Head Barista as needed.

That being said, it is very, very difficult to keep the pulse of the business if you are not there everyday in some capacity. As a franchise owner, you are investing a lot of money into the operation and you certainly don’t want to pass on blind trust “in the hopes that it will work”. Our recommendation is always that you have invested time in the store.

There are exceptions to this, such as:

  • You have a spouse who will be managing the store for you
  • You have a trusted partner who understand food and beverage, has run stores before, and can be fully trusted with the operation
  • You have operated F&B franchises before and have the proper staff in place to manage the store