CRCC works exclusively with Windsor Realty for our target market selection in each territory. We have a very specific customer profile that we are able to use with each territory, and it enables us to find the exact prime locations in which to look for real estate that meets our customer model … thus taking the guesswork out of finding a good location.

Once the target markets are identified, Windsor reviews the preferences with our franchisees and then gets the full inventory of what is available that meets our criteria. All of this information passed on to the franchisee to work through together and make sound decisions. When a reasonable list is identified, Windsor spends a day walking our franchisees through each option on site. The final decision as to what location within the target market is left to the franchisee and is approved by CRCC.

We do not pick out locations for our franchisees.  Franchisees are the owners of their own business and must make the final decision on their location.

There is an additional fee for this service, but the total fee is generally recovered in full by the real estate commission paid by the landlord to the agency, leaving little to no out of pocket expense to our franchisees.