While we are keen on building a very cool interactive map to show the available territories, we haven’t gotten that far yet. At this point, just ask us. We’ll work through the territories with you, see what is of interest to you, and if its not available we will let you know asap.

Once you select a territory that you’d like to put a store in, we will work together to define what that territory is. A couple of things about this selection:

  • We don’t choose the final store site for franchisees. We provide target market selection in your territory that fits our exact customer model, so that franchisees do not have to “guess” as to where the best spots are for a CRCC. They are mapped out for you based on statistical data for your exact territory. Once those markets are identified, the building options are made available for the franchisee to finalize their decision. All locations are approved by CRCC.
  • We define territories in several ways. Sometimes it is zip codes, sometimes road boundaries. It’s not scientific as much as it is an effort on our part to make sure you have enough of a customer base to be successful. We want you to have at least 50k people available and probably up to 100k. Our method is “best effort” to give you what we believe the territory is, see if you are happy with it, and if you want a change, just let us know.