Classic Rock Coffee sources our own green coffee beans from farms all over the world. In fact, we have the “first pick of the harvest” from farms that we select to get our coffee beans from. These are called “single origin” coffees because they are not blends of sub par coffee beans that are often sold in coffee houses. Each bean is a single type of coffee from a single region and a single farm.

We then roast each of those coffees according to specific profiles that bring out the best tastes for our specialty coffees, each of which is distinct and memorable name, as well as a unique flavor. For instance, our Back in Black is a single origin coffee that is bold, rich and in your face. Go ahead … you remember the song …  its time to throw in a little air guitar!

Regardless of where our coffee is served, our customers are only drinking coffee that has been roasted within the last 14 days. Yep, anywhere in the world. It’s within that 14 days that coffee preserves its highest grade of flavor, and we believe that our number one asset is our customer … and they deserve nothing less than the very, very best.