For decades baristas around the world have come up with new ways for brewing coffee. From boiling pots of water to science beakers attached to burners, there seems to be an endless number of ways to brew coffee and every coffee drinker has their preference on what tastes the best.

Enter Cold Brew

In the past few months there has been some buzz around a process of coffee preparation called, “Cold Brew”. Cold Brew is a method of brewing in which the barista lets coarsely ground coffee “steep” in cold water for anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. This method creates a concentrated version of standard drip coffee that is then diluted with water, poured over ice and served. The end result is a beverage that has “iced-tea” characteristics: smooth and refreshing.

Ground roasted coffee is both a soluble and volatile product, which means that there are substances in roasted coffee that are able to be dissolved into a liquid or vapor; this is what provides fresh hot coffee with its flavor and aromatics. Like sugar, the process of getting all of the flavor out of coffee in cold water can be an extremely slow process, which is why *time* is the solution for the insolubility of coffee in cold-water temperatures.

The Return of A Trend

Cold Brew has been in the limelight a few times throughout the last few decades and landed a small acceptance in the late 80’s in coffee shops, then again in the early 2000’s as a trendy style of coffee in many small independent shops and an easy way to make iced coffee at home, and then finally in the last year it has caught the attention of larger chain establishments.

At Classic Rock Coffee Co, we’ve been using Cold Brew Coffee since we’ve opened as our base for an Iced Coffee, due to its “iced-tea” accessibility for the non-coffee drinker. We want to provide a place that has superior coffee products, but doesn’t cater to just the experienced coffee drinker, which is why cold brew coffee fits our menu perfectly.

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