Coffee as we know it, a dark brown bean that has been roasted, comes from a flowering cherry tree grown on a plant called Coffea. There are hundreds of plant species under the banner of Coffea, however only two of the varieties, Arabica and Robusta, are widely popular for roasting and drinking. Both of these coffee species are grown in different countries all over the world, which can greatly change the overall taste of the coffee beans, but there is still a vast quality and taste difference between the two coffee varietals.

Robusta: Low Quality, Low Cost

Robusta is commonly grown for large commodity sales, due to it being an easier plant variety to grow for mass cultivation. Many ‘supermarket brands’ often choose to use Robusta coffee due to its larger profit margins and easy availability. However, Robusta coffee has become synonymous with a low grade and poor taste because despite Robusta being an easier and cheaper plant to grow, the unfortunate truth is it also produces a lower quality coffee bean that has a very distinct burnt and bitter flavor.

Arabica: High Quality, Higher Cost

Arabica, on the other hand, is the coffee variety that produces the highest quality cups of coffee in the world. This plant always produces a more well-rounded, unique and flavorful cup of coffee and is almost always used in high-end coffee shops. The tradeoff to the cultivation of the Arabica Coffea plant is that it only grows at very high elevation and in much smaller quantities. What this means is that the farmers that produce Arabica Coffea tend to put much more care into the production of their coffee as they are able to sell their coffee at a higher price. This style of coffee is in a much different category from Robusta as it not viewed as a commodity but a delicate crop produced solely for the consumer’s enjoyment of a well brewed cup of coffee.

At Classic Rock Coffee Co., we care about the product that we are selling, so we always use high-grade Arabica Coffee Beans and roast our coffee in a way that showcases each coffee bean’s unique flavor. We sample roast and taste hundreds of different coffees from all over the world in search for a coffee that is unique and distinct before it ever becomes one of our Signature or Select Offering coffees. We strive to give our customer’s a beverage that embodies all of the work that went into growing, roasting, and brewing their cup of coffee.


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