The CounterCRCC is actively pursuing new locations in existing markets and other select areas throughout the country. In  general, CRCC looks for upscale oriented locations in both established and growing markets.

Classic Rock Coffee provides a high end coffee experience with single origin coffees and top shelf protein shakes to mid and high income consumers. The CRCC concept mixed with its remarkable product will drive high income consumers to the retail location every day.

Target Market SelectionWe do not “guess” at where to put a new franchise store. Our location selection is run by our partnering real estate agency that using our proprietary customer model to identify the exact target markets within each territory. Based on those target markets, CRCC franchisees are provided available store locations that fit our criteria (seen below) so that they can make an educated decision based on facts, instead of a “hope this works” decision making process.

The information below describes the IDEAL location. We understand that it may not be possible to find the ideal location, but we want to provide criteria to base your decisions off of.

How about a personal tour?

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  • 1800-2200 square feet
  • End-cap or bookend with drive through access
  • Displays our corporate signage on fascia and pylon signage
  • Close proximity and/or visibility to major traffic routes, freeway, etc.
  • Standalone buildings preferred
  • Walk-by traffic preferred


  • Female-Driven Businesses (Home Outfitters, Bed Bath Beyond, Winners, Pier One)
  • Health/Wellness Concepts (GNC, Yoga & Pilates studios, Gyms)
  • Premium Grocery Stores (Whole Foods, Fresh Market)
  • Dry Cleaner Franchises (Comet, Tide)


  • Population: 7,500 qualifying households with $35K* minimum income within 3 miles / 8-minute drive time
  • Population: 50,000 within 6 miles
  • Age: 16 – 60 years


  • IT: High speed internet provider
  • On site washrooms
  • Plumbing for coffee bar
  • Small kitchenette area

PREFERRED LOCATIONS (In Order of Preference)

  • A stand alone with a drive through
  • The left hand end cap of a strip mall with a drive through
  • Any space in a strip mall

General Guidelines in Our Search for You


  • HVAC and main trunk (minimum 1 ton per 200 feet)
  • Two bathrooms, handicap accessible
  • Smooth ready to use floors
  • Wood, sealed
  • Concrete, ready for stain/seal
  • Lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Smooth, clean walls ready for paint
  • Sprinklers if needed


  • Good signage visibility and size allocation
  • Drive-through capability
  • $5.00 per square foot infill allowance for every year of lease
  • Rent abatement