All throughout history the coffee house has been a place for people to come together and discuss ideas. It’s only recently that people have started giving much thought to the products they were drinking in coffee houses. The Europeans grab a quick shot of espresso and load it down with sugar to mask the harsh flavor. Many Americans dilute their morning brewed coffee with cream and sugar. People feel they need to cover the unpleasant flavors because for many years the coffees they were drinking were commodity grade, low-end Robusta beans. It was more about the coffee shop experience than the quality of the beans and the flavor notes in the cup.

Then and Now

Throughout most of the twentieth century, roasteries purchased the cheapest beans because it was going to be dark roasted and flavored with artificial oils and sweeteners anyway. The darker the roast, the more the beans’ natural flavor is covered up. Over the past 10 years roasters have been working with coffee farmers in order to get better beans with more inherent flavor, which means the beans can be roasted lighter, letting the natural flavors come through. This also means beans can be traced not only back to the country of origin, but even the farm where it was grown. Coffee consumers can learn about the farmer who grew the very beans of the coffee they are currently enjoying. At Classic Rock Coffee Co. we educate our baristas on all of our Signature and Select Offering coffees. We teach our crew to be knowledgeable but also understand when to use that knowledge when talking with our guests.

Us and Them

The one downside to the increase in the Specialty Coffee industry has been the loss of character in coffee houses. We have seen the rise of cookie cutter franchises and boring coffee houses where the baristas care more about looking cool than how they should engage a customer. At Classic Rock Coffee Co. every franchise location is overflowing with rock and roll themed memorabilia and of course the greatest songs from the greatest era of music streaming from our radio station “The Double Shot.” Our inviting theme and friendly, knowledgeable staff makes everyone from the coffee connoisseur all the way to the average Joe feel like welcome guests. Quality Specialty Coffee served in an atmosphere worthy of being called an experience is what sets Classic Rock Coffee Co. apart from all the others.


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