We’ll Help You Get To Where You Want To Go (that’s why we exist!)

At Classic Rock Coffee Co. we’ve worked hard at putting together a model that is scaleable for any size location. Our first principle is always relationship with our franchisee. We know that its through this long term bridge of trust that we will see our stores thrive in the best environment.

We look for franchisees that have a solid business background, high energy and commitment to joining with us to grow a company that is loved by our customers and made famous by them. In our FDD we estimate that initial development costs range from $218,000 – $421,000, depending on your specific market and the build-out costs.

We are strategic in our selection process of potential franchisees in order to find the very best candidates for our stores. Finding the best candidates requires a thorough process, but results in businesses that are not only sustainable but also position strongly to be the most profitable.

The Process

  1. Franchisee candidate submits online information request form.
  2. Candidate has a brief overview meeting on the phone to discuss their overall goals and get a sense of who CRCC is.
  3. Candidates meeting initial qualifications will be contacted and asked to complete a franchise application and financial statement.
  4. CRCC reviews Franchisee candidate’s application form and financial statement.
  5. CRCC conducts Franchisee candidate background and credit history check.
  6. Once approved, the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is sent to the candidate with a required signature for a non-disclosure agreement.
  7. Interview is scheduled for Candidate with Windsor Reality about site selection and with Build-Co about the store buildout.
  8. Discussion and agreement on territory selected by the candidate. This general territory will be used to identify the target markets within that territory for a store location.
  9. Invitation for you to join us at a Discovery Day in Springfield.
  10. Franchise Agreement is signed and fees are paid.
  11. Franchisee assigned to our team at Windsor Realty to establish target markets within the territory, location options, LOI submissions and final site selection.
  12. Conceptual Drawings created and provided to Franchisee for approval.
  13. Architect is assigned (Godwin & Associates) and plans are submitted to CRCC and then to local authorities to obtain permits.
  14. Build-Co provides bid to Franchisee. Franchisee opts to either contract with Build-Co or another approved GC.
  15. Management and Operations training at CRCC HQ 6 weeks prior to store completion.
  16. Full Staff training in provided on site by CRCC Trainers two weeks before opening.
  17. A new Classic Rock Coffee location is open for business.

Need Financing?

finance_store_logoThe Business Finance Store will give you the help you need to accelerate your growth, solidify your revenues, and handle a broad range of issues small business face on a regular basis. If your credit qualifies they’ll acquire funds ranging from $20,000 to $250,000+. This funding includes Unsecured Business Credit Lines, Personal Credit Lines, Vendor Accounts, Equipment Financing, and Mini-SBA loans.