There are several ways to open up a Classic Rock Coffee. We categorize these as US Single Store Owners, International Single Stores and Master Franchises (for Classic Rock Coffee locations outside of the United States).

US Single Store Owner

This is generally what we talk about with future owners and fits for those that have chosen a specific territory for a single store. Their personal territory (usually an area large enough to sustain a single store, yet allows for additional owners to have stores in nearby areas). For instance, Houston may be able to sustain 10 successful stores in segmented areas, all of which could have different owners.

International Single Store Owner

Sometimes franchisees are interested in only opening up a single location for growing an area without any interest in becoming a Master Franchisor.  Regardless of the country, we are able to help an individual or company set up a single store.  If a single store is set up in a country that does not have an existing Master Franchisor, the franchisee has the right and option to apply to become the Master Franchisor at anytime.

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Master Franchisee / Distributor / Developer

For individuals or companies who are interested  in obtaining National rights for our brand in another country, we have the option to become a “Master Franchisee / Distributor / Developer”. Again, this would be a slightly different business model. Here is a picture of what it looks like:

An International Master Franchisor would be responsible for:

  • Opening or Selling New Locations in said territory
  • Distributing product to locations (coffee, syrups, protein powders, cups, etc)
  • Training all new locations is said territory
  • Conducting scheduled trainings with locations

We would anticipate meeting at least once per quarter for training and education… alternating between here in the US and the Master Franchisor’s location.

In this scenario we would estimate the number locations your territory would accommodate and charge a reduced, flat one time franchisee fee based on that number of locations. The number of locations is based on the full “capacity” of what we agree the country could successfully sustain, and that number is used as the baseline for the franchise fee pricing.

Master Franchisees would be owning the rights to the entire county to develop as you wish, including adding your own stores and selling the territories yourself if you’d prefer to do that (including our own contacts from your country that we get that we would pass on to you), at a rate that is comfortable for you.

Under the distributer agreement, we would also only require a fixed flat fee royalty that increments up, with a cap), and no 2% advertising fund, as you would be responsible for determining the best way to market in your territory. The sense would be to make it as simple as possible for all involved, as well as providing a maximum royalty to use that would allow for you to become even more profitable. In other words, you may choose to require a 5% royalty from your stores back to you, as the Master Franchisee, but the fee back to the US is only the fixed flat fee per month.

As a Master Franchisor you would earn revenue by:

  • Running your own stores
  • Selling locations
  • Charging royalties to locations not owned by you, but not exceeding 5%
  • Getting products at cost and distributing to locations

Finally, it would be important for us to teach you to roast coffee so that you could supply your own stores (in time) with fresh coffee. Shipping products from the US by container can exceed 45 days to some countries, and we prefer to have our customers drink coffee that has been roasted within 14 days to insure great quality. This would be accomplished most economically by having an in country roaster.

Watch this 8 Minute Overview