Understanding Your Investment

If you are considering becoming a Classic Rock Coffee Co. Franchisee, then you are probably already thinking through specific locations for your store. While deciding on target markets is critical, it’s also very important to review the financial obligations that are part of the ownership process.

The total amount of investment required to start a Classic Rock Coffee Co. Franchise depends on the location you choose and the size of your store. There are two styles of stores that should be considered; a store with a drive through and a store without a drive through. With the exception of this variable, all other aspects of the Classic Rock Coffee brand should be identical.

In addition to understanding the financial requirements involved, it is important to understand the time this process takes. Depending on your situation and motivation, the process from signing the Franchise Agreement to Grand Opening can take anywhere from 120 to 150 days.


The minimum requirements to become an Classic Rock Coffee Co. Franchisee are  $50,000 in cash or liquid assets, with an overall financial net worth of at least $400,000. However, if you will need to obtain a loan to start up, your financial institution may have different financial requirements.

The first consideration is to evaluate your ability to fund the opening and operation of your store. This funding can come from cash on hand, from lending institutions or a combination of both..

The total amount of investment, including a lease arrangement, can run a broad range from at least $320,000 to $512,000. Please see the Initial Investment table and notes for an itemized list of costs.

If you need to obtain financing to start your Classic Rock Coffee Co., typically lenders will require a combination of your own down payment and other assets.  Depending on your asset base, a lender’s required down payment could be from 30% – 50% or more of the investment.

If you do not meet the asset requirement and you do not have substantial business experience, it is important to understand that obtaining financing from traditional banks can take quite a bit time. You may still have the options of finding a partner with more resources or searching out loans from the Small Business Administration. Classic Rock Coffee is listed with the SBA for streamlining options to make the loan process easier for our franchisees. You can see our listing, also, on the Franchise Directory.

Franchisees of CLASSIC ROCK COFFEE CO are eligible for expedited and streamlined SBA loan processing through the SBA’s Franchise Registry Program, www.franchiseregistry.com

Franchise Registry

We recommend working with your local bank, who in turn will most likely work with the SBA to help you with funding.  After discussing the concept and requirements with them, you should be able to decide if you have the potential to qualify for their lending. If they do opt to work with the SBA, please direct them to the Franchise Directory to see that our legal documents have already been approved and your process will move along much more quickly.

Evaluating Income Potential

The amount of profit or loss is based on a wide range of factors including sales, costs, and the franchisee’s ability to manage business operations. Classic Rock Coffee Co. does not make any claims or guarantees on projected sales, profits, or losses.  What we can do, is help you build your own projections.

This involves projecting daily sales based on available market and site factors and assumptions, and projecting your costs. Use our Projection Calculator to build your own Classic Rock Coffee Co. income scenario. Please visit our hypothetical profit and loss calculator for the projection calculator file. One key number to keep in mind is that we recommend a cost of goods sold figure of 30%.

*The projection calculator provides a mere projection. Actual results may vary widely. Again, Classic Rock Coffee Co. makes no claim to and can not guarantee financial results.

Next Steps

Once you decide that Classic Rock Coffee Co. is a good opportunity for you and you have realistic financing possibilities, then fill out our Request More Information form and we will contact you soon.