Operations, Training and Franchise Relations

At Classic Rock Coffee Co. we have a single focus in purpose: to assist our franchise locations in becoming the strongest and most profitable that they can become. We have developed tested processes and metrics that give the best chance for our stores to succeed.. We are able to do that because we know through experience what works and what doesn’t. We’ve made the mistakes, corrected them, tested the theories and put into practice what we preach every day in our own stores and throughout the system.

But most importantly, its critical to understand the difference between the role of the franchisor and the franchisee. Please watch this video explain.

TrainingThe training team provides the hands-on experience that helps franchisees understand how to implement a cost-effective program in their stores by monitoring cost of goods, labor costs, equipment maintenance and hiring solid managers and personable barista team members.

Every franchisee can send their manager and two other staff members to spend one week at our corporate headquarters going through a structured training course that includes product preparation, personnel development and store operations. In addition, our training team spends the opening week in the stores with the manager and barista team. The goal is to ensure drinks are made to our standards and that the people who prepare those drinks provide the amazing experience customers will share with others.



Long before a new location opens, the marketing team is creating awareness about the store with banners, social media and concentrated publicity. Once it’s open, strategic and focused grand opening campaigns are implemented and are designed to create an instant customer base in the surrounding area.

The whole focus of marketing is to drive traffic to the stores. This is accomplished through on-site marketing, targeted direct mail programs and campaigns that are designed to bring in customers and keep them coming back. Campaigns are carefully tied together so that, regardless of where a customer learns of Classic Rock Coffee, the message is the same: Our Coffee Rocks!


Products and Distribution

Early on in the franchising process, it became apparent that controlling products and distribution would be integral to the success of the entire Classic Rock Coffee franchise. With that in mind, Classic Rock Coffee Co. determined to become experts in coffee selection and roasting, even down to selecting the specific farms around the world that we purchase from. This created control over product quality, pricing and timely/consistent delivery to the stores. Classic Rock Coffee has developed a reputation for its superior bean quality and roasting methods.


Support Continues Beyond Opening Week

Franchisees always have access to the Franchise Director’s office for ongoing training, questions and advice. Annual and quarterly franchise meetings give franchisees and their management teams the opportunity to learn about new programs, sample products, receive training and share information.

  • Classic Rock Coffee also provides weekly video trainings to all stores for store operations. Each Franchisee is sent a weekly training video that teaches or updates operations, tests them on their knowledge of that training, and the provides an opportunity to teach their staff. Every week a follow up is made with the Franchisee on their understanding and implementation of that week’s training.
  • We also provide an initial 20 week course directly by our office on proper marketing of your store. From day one, you’ll get a weekly video with followup questions and action steps. We won’t make you guess … we’ll tell you exactly the steps to take to get more customers in your door immediately. That lesson will be followed up with a weekly 30 minute call to review store progress, marketing progress based on that weeks lesson and discussion on what the next week will bring. The training continues  bi-weekly after that time.

Marketing communications are constant, training tips and videos are made available, and information is consistently shared with managers and their teams to help them grow and, just as importantly, allow franchise owners the time to focus on opening other locations.