There is a False Zomato Listing

The location in Health Care City using our franchise name is NOT a Classic Rock Coffee. It was formerly one of our franchises, but was de-franchised in December 2014. Notification of this was filed with the Dubai Healthcare City Authority.

Unfortunately, they are still using our branding and signage (which is very confusing to people), as well as some of the previous product that we sent over (more than likely expired). The product does not represent the high quality products and atmosphere found at a legitimate Classic Rock Coffee.

Here is the chronology on the Dubai store:

We do not currently have an MF for the region and are actively interviewing candidates. We previously had an MF for the UAE that had a single store in Dubai, but we ended that agreement in January of this year and was officially de-franchised. Here is the outline:

  • The franchise was awarded in Aug 2013 to a local company.
  • The company established the first location in an area that was not approved in Aug 2014.
  • We provided training, support and insight on how to recover from the poor location choice. The remedies were not accepted and it was mutually agreed that the MF agreement would be voided and that we would continue the search for a more suitable MF.
  • The past MF was offered to either rebrand the store (it is in Health Care City) or shut down operations. They have opted to shut down operations, though the timeline has not been an issue because 1) we have not selected our new MF yet and 2) its in such an out of the way location and has so little traffic, that its not pressing to have them do this before we find a new MF.

While the store remains open and operational (outside of the purview of CRCC and NOT a franchise), please know that the product, service, location or ambiance is NOT reflective of our franchise (which is why we de-franchised them).

Because of the extremely bad site selection and low traffic flow, our belief is that this store will eventually close for lack of business. But, it must be clear to anyone that is interested in a CRCC in the UAE that CRCC Corporate has done everything we can properly de-brand this location and we will not assist with anything else.